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Heal Thyself Counseling Services is here to partner with you and accelerate your journey to becoming your healthiest self. We’re battling adversity of all faces for a healthier, happier way of life. A safe, effective, therapeutic environment is your ticket to leaving your hardships in the past and stepping into a healthy way of being. We are founded on the belief that our flexible applications of care and treatment options are essential to meeting the unique needs of each individual.

Our mission is to offer compassionate and holistic care in trusted spaces to people of varying ages and backgrounds. We do so by, creating safe spaces for healing and support wherever we’re needed!


Heal Thyself counselors will provide you with the tools to discover new ways of implementing powerful solutions into your daily life. We will aid in decreasing the stigmatization that those seeking care too often encounter so that they can find healing in their mind, their relationships, and their lives.

Through our accessible in-home, telehealth, and in-office sessions we will foster nurturing and safe environments that directly cater to the needs of every individual. It is our hope that no one would go on hurting for lack of access to safe, effective therapy.


Healthy Mindfulness

 Life begins with the mind; what you think, so you become. We believe that you have the power to overcome your past, improve your present, and create your future if you invest in building a healthier mindset. Without judgement, we will encourage you to hone your awareness and process the present mindfully.


Working through traumatic experiences can be uncomfortable and scary. Heal Thyself counselors cultivate strong connections with each person in mind to reinforce that we’re here for you.


The connections we make within ourselves and with each other often define who we are. By helping you to identify your needs and manage healthy boundaries, we will empower you to build and enjoy healthy relationships.


We here at Heal Thyself Counseling have a unique understanding of adversity, social barriers, and the emotional needs of those trapped in hyper-stressful environments. We strongly believe that attending to your mental health is just as important as going to the gym to keep your physical body in shape, and that’s why we are here to bring you a supportive, safe, open environment that allows you to find healing in every area of your life—even the things you didn’t realize were broken!

With a combined professional experience of over a decade, our cognitive therapy techniques and psycho-education methods have successfully served families, children, and adults of all walks of life to discovering and reaching their healthiest selves. Regardless of your circumstance, Heal Thyself will meet you where you’re comfortable—at home, in your office, online—to develop a clear path to improving your mindset and the rest of your life.

You don’t have to suffer in silence and you definitely don’t need to do it alone. Stress, grief, depression, anxiety–these hardships don’t just go away, they require your attention before you can begin to overcome them. Rather than live the rest of your life struggling under these weights, let Heal Thyself Counseling help you find and create your healthiest life yet.

Our Team

Erika Lewis, LCPC, LMHC

Erika Lewis, LCPC, LMHC

Owner/Clinical Therapist

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